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Dear Colleagues and Friends:

As usually happens after troubled moments in life, we relax and think about developing our human and professional competences.

I believe this is the time and that it will be possible for us to meet again in person in Porto, Portugal. A faculty of reference will lead new perspectives of surgery, tips and tricks and recently developed techniques of Structural and Preservation Rhinoplasty will be presented with resource to video projection. Surely the youngest and the more differentiated surgeons will have the opportunity to discuss and take home good perspectives for a greater professional success.

Although “Rhinoplasty and Face” is compromised with a high demand of rhinoplasty procedures, we also have excellent diversified Facial Plastic procedures. There will be a session of clinical cases presentation for debate and results.

ENT’S, Facial Plastic, Maxillo-Facial and Ophthalmology, as well as those with specific interest in these areas will be welcome.

At this time of october we usually still have a mild weather, providing the opportunity to visit some particularities of Oporto City, either architectural or musical for example, in different environments, and to taste our delicious Douro and Porto Wines.

Looking forward to meet you in Porto!

Best regards
Lidia Guimarães / Hesham Saleh
Co-Chairmen of the Congress